Scot Wilson Incorporated

Mission Statement

We practice the Deming Method of project management and quality control. Dr. Deming felt the only real mission any person or company should have is to continually learn and improve. Deming felt everyone in an organization was responsible for quality. The way we speed up our jobs is by eliminating mistakes. Rework and machine time are the two most easily controlled costs on any job site. We try to execute our work perfectly because it costs less.  

We strive to treat everyone we encounter with kindness and respect. As my Mom used to preach, “Good manners are merely a series of small sacrifices. They are the glue that holds society together.”

We are committed to environmental sustainability.

We are driven to create a clean, safe, healthy work environment. 

We pay our employees a living wage. We offer continuous training so they can  be more productive, create more value and earn more money. 

We promise to install every last nail. As cabinetmakers we are meticulous. Some might call it obsessive. We like to think of it as thorough. 

We create value. The best thing about residential construction (beside lunch) is turning around at the end of the day and seeing what you’ve built. 

Scot Wilson Incorporated
Scot Wilson Incorporated